BAND A Private Space for Groups

A Private Space for Groups

A Private Space for Groups

The sound of a fresh forest surrounds my ears. Now, try to blending your favorite sound.
As the source of the SoundForest
you can make a sound for your healing

You can make a blending sound for you
through SoundForest's sound source.

When you create a personalized sound profile,
you can remove ringing frequency and enjoy SoundForest's content more comfortable.

You can easily create sound profiles through
step-by-step wizard.

SoundTherapy providing a comfortable rest through recommended music by situation
and nature sound like a rain, birds, wind, etc.

SoundTherapy is lead to comfortable sleep.
It also provides a healing sound for help to meditation and reduce a mental pressure.

Take advantage of the RingPlayer if you have a trouble to hear your favorite music because of ringing in ears.

RingPlayer applying unique sound technology NNF to your favorite music stored on your mobile phone for listening to music comfortably.

The NNF(Non-Noise Filter) is built in SoundForest.
This filter find a ringing frequency and automatically removed
for person who have a trouble from ringing in ears.

Please describe the details of the problem you have encountered,
or just tell us what you think of SoundForest

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